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Logistics Division 

Our experience in logistics and contractor logistics support spans across commercial, state, and federal, including the Department of Defense. From supply chain management to life cycle management and sustainment, our team has mature and repeatable process efficiencies that ensure peak performance and risk mitigation.

Supply Chain Management

Knowing your vendor is more than simply buying from a specific provider. Your vendor has a vendor, who also has a vendor. Supply chain management oversees the vendors needed for your services while providing quality control over your incoming products, allowing them to safely and securely integrate with your environment.


SII provides logistics operations for government supply chain management, from provisioning to delivery and acceptance. We handle both small to large supply chains to ensure that your products and services are delivered securely and efficiently.

Traffic Control Technician and Specialist

For most government organizations, juggling multiple construction commitments is a common challenge. The right contractor can manage the many issues related to roadway construction to keep traffic flowing and avoid incidents. Our goal is to achieve safe and efficient traffic control, facilitating smooth automotive flow.


As traffic management is a critical component of highway construction, SII create safety for construction teams, equipment, and the public. Our outstanding safety strategies enable your construction project to run smoothly with fewer risks to the safety of your workers and the public.​


Smart Innovative is ATSSA Certified for traffic control to ensure the highest safety standards.

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