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Information Technology Division 

Information technology forms the foundation of our company, with core competencies in software development, Help Desk support, cyber-security, data migration, cloud, and VTC/live event webhosting. Our team members hold industry-standard certifications like CompTIA, CCNA, CCNP, CISSP, and more. In addition to our services, we offer technology support for our manufactured products, integrating nanotechnology and IoT sensors for real-time monitoring. We ensure customer satisfaction through AI-driven systems and an integrated customer portal, guaranteeing reliable and efficient solutions.


Technology doesn’t stop when everyone leaves the office. Your organizations need continual support across time zones and geographic locations whether its peak or off-peak business hours. The first line of support is a 24/7 helpdesk that can assist users with their computer troubles. A helpdesk is the first line of support, but it’s tiered so that the right staff member gets to the issue quickly based on service level agreements (SLAs). Smart Innovative supports the following helpdesk tiers:

●    Tier I
●    Tier II
●    Tier III
●    Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Support tickets run through each tier until the issue is resolved. Organizations need the right helpdesk staff to route tickets to the right tier and communicate with users so that they know their issue will be resolved.

Cloud Computing

There’s no question that the cloud offers numerous benefits to private corporations, but it also offers secure and reliable benefits for government organizations. Migrating legacy applications from on-premise infrastructure to cloud services requires the right approach that keeps downtime limited, protects sensitive data, and tests deployments to ensure the stability and security of the new integration.


Migrating resources isn’t the only benefit of the cloud, and Smart Innovative can help you realize benefits you might not otherwise discover. Our strategic planning will help you discover untapped potential from the cloud so that your infrastructure and applications are faster, scalable, reliable, available, and secure.

Data Migration & Data Analytics

Data migration is necessary in order to leverage the advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence the cloud has to offer. Instead of provisioning and deploying infrastructure necessary to support advanced technology, the cloud provides organizations with the speed and computing power necessary to bring analytics and reporting to next-generation predictive decision-making. Together with Smart Innovative, your organization can securely and reliably move your data to the cloud so that you can take advantage of advanced predictions for more accurate decisions.

Data analytics is a valuable tool in the private sector, and it can also empower government entities to improve business performance and workflows. The data analytics behind cloud reporting uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to give you actionable insights. These data-driven insights will help make predictions so that decisions can be made to protect infrastructure and determine the best path forward.


Whether it’s new development or additions to an existing codebase, the process to take an idea to reality requires the right strategy. Not only do you need code that works well, but it also must be created with scalability, security, reliability, availability in mind. It must integrate with your current infrastructure, but designed in a way that it can be maintained and upgraded during future releases.


The developers at Smart Innovative design software combine your ideas with our team of experts who can drive your development project to its completion. We first discuss your project, your goals, and any concerns that you may have. We then work closely with you to program and design application code based on specifications.


Smart Innovative manages these projects and holds the ITIL V3 certification to keep project management skills up to date.

Video Teleconferencing (VTC)

Mission critical networks require advanced technology, and one way organizations can improve communication across global locations is with video teleconferencing (VTC) equipment. Our VTC equipment can be used for conferencing, meetings, webinars, video instructions, centralized communications, and other events that require presentations and live streaming for people and different geographic locations.


Smart Innovative understands the importance of secure communication and reliable equipment, so we design VTC systems with both these factors in mind. Our team of experts build infrastructure that supports numerous users across multiple locations, but infrastructure is designed to ensure security to protect data and high-performance streaming to ensure quality to contributors and viewers.

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