Need money for a card? How to apply for a bank card loan

High efficiency and low operational costs of MFIs are achieved through the use of third-party banking and payment services integrated in the Internet into a single interconnecting network: international payment systems, online banking systems of leading network banks, already deposited electronic payment cards, client electronic databases.

But the classic network banks, the actual owners of these electronic payment cards and databases, are also constantly improving their services, allowing you to apply for an online credit card more and more quickly, simply and conveniently. Therefore, when considering the urgent question of “how quickly you can get money on the card, ” you should keep in mind both of these sources: classic retail banks and micro-financial MFIs.

we issue a credit card to a bank card at a network bank


With all the high efficiency of MFIs, in some cases, classic network banks are not able to “outrun” them. Such situations where you can get money on your card very quickly include popular and common credit cards with an open credit limit of a certain amount.

If a person already has a credit card of any network bank, with an unused credit limit, then you can get the loan money from such card as quickly and simply as possible: cash through an ATM, or non-cash transfer using an electronic payment system. Some banks also support the ability to quickly increase the amount (amount) of credit card limits. This can be done remotely without visiting a bank branch, by contacting a customer through an online banking channel or by mobile phone.

A network bank credit card

A network bank credit card

Is actually a credit line opened by a bank for a specific amount that is managed by the client. If you properly manage such a credit line, you can always, more precisely, in the most critical moments, bring with you a certain amount of loan (credit) money on the card, for their receipt in the shortest possible time.

But there is an important nuance – in order for you to have a very easy to use credit card of a network bank, its registration should be taken care of in advance, by a personal visit (with a passport) of the bank branch. And this is not as fast a business as you would like. And of course, you still need to get a positive decision by the bank’s security service to obtain a credit line, with the issuance of an electronic (credit) card. And it’s also not always quick and easy.

Most modern retail banks, at registration of the consumer of the usual consumer credit, are provided with free service of transfer of its amount on already available electronic card – salary, pension, or settlement (for payments). In order to get a credit card in this way, you will still need to personally visit your bank branch with your passport. But as a pity, when money is needed very urgently, bank branches can be banally closed (after business hours or days off).

we issue a credit card to an MFI bank card

we issue a credit card to an MFI bank card

this way to get money quickly on the card – accessible to everyone. But it is most convenient for the most carefree (and many of us – many), who in financial terms literally “hot”, but in advance about the credit card in the bank, they did not care. Also, there is often a situation where there is a credit card on hand, but there is not enough credit limit on it, and it is urgent to get somewhere.

MFIs specialize in providing fast consumer loans for individuals, promptly crediting the amount of credit to a bank card of any Ukrainian network bank. Naturally, when starting to apply for a bank card loan at the MFI, one should at least already have such a bank card in hand. This is one of the few bottlenecks in MFIs. Although, today we still have to try to find a person who would not find at least one valid bank card of any of the domestic banks.