Loan without collateral and guarantors

This service can be used by contacting microfinance institutions (abbreviated MFIs) and using them to arrange a loan without pledging any property in the credit institution, or engaging in the surety of their friends or relatives.

If you choose this option, all communication with the credit institution takes place remotely – the borrower is required to provide the minimum package of documents (passport and taxpayer identification number), and the money, after the loan application is approved, will be credited to any credit card Ukrainian bank, which is made in the name of the borrower.

What are the requirements of Global Credit to its borrowers?


Most mentally associate the loan process with the collection of a large number of various certificates, photocopies and other papers, as well as repeated visits to the banking institution. If a borrower starts to make a loan at a banking institution, then his fears are likely to be true.

The borrower will have to stand more than once in the bank, and the bank will have to visit several times, as the loan specialist will first familiarize the borrower with the required list of documents that he is required to present, and then he will have to bring all these documents, leave from work, spending time … But by contacting Global Credit you can easily avoid all this nightmare.

In Global Credit the simplest requirements for borrowers are:

  • the borrower must be at least 18 and not more than 71 years old;
  • the entire package of documents that the borrower will need to make the loan includes only the passport and taxpayer identification number;
  • stable fixed income: wages can be official or unofficial as well as retirement benefits;
  • the borrower must have a mobile phone and e-mail;
  • the borrower must provide a card of any Ukrainian bank.

How to Get a Loan Without a Collateral at Global Credit

How to Get a Loan Without a Collateral at Global Credit

You can take a loan from our company in 2 ways:

  • The first way is to go online with your card. The loan application is completed on the site. This is the most convenient and fastest way;
  • The second way is cash in one of the branches of the Global Credit Company network. This method is most commonly used by people who have not yet established trust with online transfers or the first way is too complicated for them. Especially for these people more than 70 branches of Global Credit operate in Ukraine.

The process of making an online loan without guarantors and collateral is very convenient and simple. All you need to do is:

  • determine with the help of a loan calculator with the right amount of credit funds, and choose the optimal term of crediting;
  • to register on the site after having access to your personal account;
  • complete the process of completing the online application form of the borrower and submit an application for consideration;
  • as soon as the application is processed by the loan specialists (usually this procedure takes 15 minutes), the credit funds will be immediately sent to the card of the bank, the number of which the borrower indicated when completing the application.