I want to take a loan, how to get money. Tips for loan professionals

Difficulties in solving the problem of “how to get money?” Already taken on credit on the card online , began to emerge after the widespread receipt of bank electronic cards, and the related crediting of credit money is not cash, in electronic form.

Whereas among a wide range of private individuals, mainly the elderly, the habit of using cash only is still widespread. And of course, there is still a significant segment of the financial market where it is preferable to pay in cash only. These are, first of all, small trade, transport, interpersonal settlements, etc.

I want to take a loan from a bank, how to get money?

I want to take a loan from a bank, how to get money?

The undisputed advantage of obtaining a loan from a commercial bank is that, as a rule, the whole procedure from start to finish is under the control and direction of a bank clerk. They also remove and resolve all issues arising from the client in the process of loan processing and obtaining credit money. But some fundamental points are still to be known in advance.

At a commercial bank, the amount of a bank loan can be issued both by credit card and bank notes. Nowadays, the ratio of electronic to cash usage has shifted significantly towards electronic. Therefore, modern bank loans for individuals are usually credited to a bank transfer by default.

What is important – electronic money is credited to the bank card of the bank that issues the loan. For this reason, the procedure for obtaining a loan from a commercial bank is usually supplemented by the process of issuing (issuing) a bank card in the name of the customer – the recipient of the loan (if he did not have this bank’s credit card at the time of obtaining the loan ).

You can get a cash loan from a commercial bank in the following ways


  • at the cash desk of the banking branch;
  • independently cashed money from an electronic card through a network of ATMs.

How to get cash from a bank loan in cash at the cash desk of the bank branch ? To do this one-time, large sum, it is necessary to prepare this operation in advance. Simply put, large amounts of cash at the cash desk of the bank should be ordered in advance.

The easiest way to do this is to make a loan immediately while the bank clerk is working directly with the client. After all, it will take some time, from one to several banking days, to bring the necessary amount of cash to the cashier’s office (especially if it is small). In this case, the specific term of receiving the bank loan in cash should be agreed with the management (cashier) of the bank branch.

Cash credit electronic money from the card at the cashier of the bank branch can be later. If the required amount of cash is large, then you either have to repeatedly queue at the cashier (option of receiving the amount in installments), or go through the procedure of ordering the required amount of cash (receiving a single amount).

How to get cash bank loan money in another way?


This can be done by transferring a bank card through ATMs independently. But along the way, customers typically have some difficulties.

Typically, commercial banks set daily cash withdrawal limits on their electronic cards. This is done, of course, in the interests of clients, so that the attackers who seized the bank card did not have time to withdraw a lot of money, until the moment of its blocking. But in certain situations, clients themselves may also experience difficulties as a result of this restriction.

For those who do not like the prospect of a week – another daily run “on a date” with an ATM to get another fixed portion of cash, there are procedures to increase or completely cancel the daily limit for withdrawing cash from the card. Typically, to go through such a procedure, you must call the bank’s hotline, answer the questions of a bank specialist (questions of reliable customer identification and security), and follow his instructions.