How to get cash loan without income statement?

But this is not about money trifles. If you think of at least a few thousand hryvnias, what can be the benefit of owning cash? First of all, it is the speed of financial calculations.

Paying in cash is always quick. Just handed over the cash from hand to hand, and everything is done, the calculation is done. Banks are also reluctant to issue loans with overdue loans and bad credit history. There is no fuss with limits on online payments on cards, time of passing electronic money on bank accounts …

Cash settlement allows you to maintain a high degree of confidentiality


Who, to whom, when, how much to transfer, paid in cash – is not as obvious as with electronic payments, the memory of which somewhere, on some servers, is necessarily stored. And life situations where the same privacy is needed, oh, how often they happen …

If cash is still heavily demanded, then cash on credit is also in demand. Moreover, by staying on a bank card, electronic money still remains available to the bank. For example, he can write them off the card to repay the debt on another loan. And cash in hand – they are controlled only by their owner.

the inconvenience of making bank loans in cash

the inconvenience of making bank loans in cash

Do we need cash on credit? We usually go to the nearest bank branch as usual. But to get a cash loan in a classic bank, you need to have perfect previous credit history, and often also a document confirming the solvency of the client, the so-called income statement.

Such a certificate can only be obtained by having a formal employment, business registration in tax, or permanent state social benefits. But to be honest, not everyone can boast of having an official job, a “white” paycheck, or an official entrepreneur registration. Many of us exist in the “gray” economic field (such realities) and cannot count on getting a legal income statement.

But even if the “purity” of your income is not a matter of law, getting a certificate of income is a bureaucratic procedure that by itself takes a considerable amount of time, which is calculated all day long. And if you need a cash loan very urgently? No, let’s agree, a classic bank is not the best and convenient place to get a cash loan.

is cash in hand possible without income statement in principle?

is cash in hand possible without income statement in principle?

The answer to this question is yes – of course, it is possible!

First, electronic money on a bank card – they are not quite “cashless”, because they are easily converted to cash at the nearest ATM or at the cashier of the bank branch. Thus, a quick e-card bank loan may well be considered equivalent to a cash loan.

Second, it is far from just network banks that lend to individuals. The same financial service is provided by the so-called MFIs. These financial institutions are specialized in issuing very fast micro-loans (online) to individuals who are credited to a bank electronic card.

Due to the specifics of customer service over the Internet (online) and the increased ability to programmatically process broad electronic client bases, MFIs are typically characterized by work without income statements. Therefore, if for you the issue of getting a cash loan without a certificate of income has acquired the urgency and urgency, you should apply to one of these MFIs.