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Loan and Credit Bank is one of the largest commercial banks with domestic capital in Ukraine, and it is an innovator in many ways. It is followed by the full issuance of bank cards in Ukraine, the international rating and the launch of ATMs throughout the country.

This financial institute has introduced remote banking service through Internet – Loan and Credit 24, service was launched in 2001. Customer service quality issues are a top priority.

All this has influenced the development of Ukraine’s financial system. Loan and Credite as before remains in the first place in all financial indicators, so the increase in the amount of deposit capital does not surprise anyone. The bank also has a LiqPay payment service.

Loan and Credit Bank is headquartered in the Dnieper, with 3,000 branches nationwide in addition. In addition, he has enough representative offices outside Ukraine. The brand combines Loan and CreditBank of Ukraine, Latvian AS Loan and CreditBank and its branches.

History of Loan and Credit Bank creation

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1992 is the year of founding of Loan and Credit Bank. Sergei Tigipko is one of the founders and chairman of the board of directors of the CJSC, which was a bank at the time. Prior to the nationalization of the bank, Alexander Dubilet was the head of the board. The main co-owners were Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov. Their share was 49.9% and 41.5% respectively.

In 1996, the bank became a member of Visa’s international payment system and began to issue bank cards en masse. Then Loan and Credit gets a Thomson BankWatch rating.

In 2001, Loan and Credit24’s online banking system was launched, enabling customers to pay, verify and transfer funds. In February 2002, the millionth payment card was issued.

Loan and Credit Bank became the first bank in Ukraine to place European bonds on the European market and received a higher rating from Standard & Poor’s. In 2009, the bank became a public joint-stock company. In 2016, the Cabinet decided to nationalize it.

What types of loans does Loan and Credit Bank offer?

What types of loans does Loan and Credit Bank offer?

Loan and CreditBank has several types of loans. According to the institution, the easiest option is to apply for a Universal card. It will take you 15 minutes, and only the passport and TIN are required from the documents. Funds must be returned within 55 days. This card supports such a grace period.

The maximum amount on the card will be 50,000 hryvnias. Another advantage is the ability to use the card as a deposit.

The new credit service is a “partial payment”. With the Universal or Universal Gold card, customers can purchase goods or services only partially. The borrower can deposit the remaining amount without interest and commissions in equal installments on a monthly basis. The obvious convenience is that you can pay for purchases at the online store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it only takes 30 seconds.

In addition, customers are still attracted by car loans. In particular, the financial institution has its own auto playgrounds. When you buy a car there, you get savings of up to 6%. In addition, the borrower receives the installment within a few minutes and does not have to worry about the registration of documents in the traffic police. The bank is responsible for everything. The highest cost of the car is 800,000 hryvnias, more than half the amount must be paid in advance.

There is another loan at the bank. For residential and commercial real estate. Prepayment – 25%, rate – 17.9% per year. The maximum loan term is 240 months. In addition, the bank guarantees legal support, no hidden fees and interest.

What if you have a bad credit history?


Credit history is a documentary proof of the timeliness of interest payments and previously issued loans. If everything is good in this regard, then the borrower will have no problems obtaining new loans.

If the story is zero, pure, then there may be problems and risks, because the lender does not know his borrower at all, which means he cannot estimate what to expect from him. That is why it is better to take a small loan several times and repay it on time, thus obtaining a good credit history.

But with a bad financial past – it is much more difficult because the bank fears that the funds may not be returned. To correct your credit history, you need to show yourself on the other hand. In this case, it is extremely important not to delay payments and strictly observe all conditions. Loan and CreditBank recommends applying for a limit change to consider how to restore confidence in the borrower.